Where Are They Now?

See what former Nebraska HS athletes are up to in college! (See more here)

What makes you a good student-athlete?

My work ethic and my ability to prioritize school/track over things that I might want to do for fun. Such as playing video games or eating junk food all the time.

What is similar and different to college training and competing compared to high school?


The biggest difference in college is simply the volume of training that we do. I’ve never run so much for practice in my life and often times, in the beginning of the competition season, we will have a hard workout two days before the meet instead of tapering like you might do in high school. Being in the SEC/Division 1, I have to run hard every time that I step up to the start line because the competition is so tough. In high school I would never run hard until the state meet. In hind sight, I think that ended up hurting me because I would never truly get used to running hard.

What advice would you give to current high school student-athletes?


Enjoy your time running high school track because it’s not going to be the same every again. Once you get to college, there are other factors that don’t make it quite as fun like politics, the punishing workouts, the course work load among many other things.


What other information would you like to share? How is your team currently doing, etc.


Currently my team is doing very well. We are in the middle of our last really tough training cycle as we are preparing for the outdoor season and hoping to compete for SEC and National titles. I couldn’t be more excited after a disappointing indoor season. Go Monarchs.

Kenzo Cotton, University of Arkansas (Papillion-LaVista HS)

What high school did you attend? What years did you compete in high school?


Papillion-LaVista High School 2010-2014


What were your PR’s at in high school? What are your PR’s at in College?


High School:  

100: 10.41

200: 21.14

400: 46.82



100: 10.07

200: 20.35

400: 46.82


What were some of your favorite memories of high school athletics?

The state meet was always my favorite two days of the year being able to compete at the biggest stage in high school.


What college do you currently attend? What year are you? What is your major?

I am a Junior at the University of Arkansas and am a Pre-med Kinesiology Major.


What is your career path? (Basically, what do you want to do after college)


I hope to become an Orthopedic Surgeon.